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AB54 Class

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AB 54 - New Requirements for Mutual Water Companies

Your water board is inviting (you) its membership to meet with Jean Thompson-Ibbeson of (RCAC) Rural Community Assistance Corporation.  Jean will be with us on July 12, 2016 from 6 - 8 PM to go over the changes and requirments that AB 54 brings to all Mutual Water Companies in California.  

AB 54 became effective on January 1, 2012 and includes direction and mandates in the following areas:
1 - Service Area Map
2 - LAFCO Information Requests
3 - Reserve Requirement
4 - Director Training
5 - Liability for Fines, etc.
6 - Construction Standards
7 - Annexation
8 - Municipal Service Review - SDWA Compliance
9 - Grant Funding - Letter of No Prejudice

Jean will go over and explain all of this and you will better understand why your water board does the things that it does.  If you have aspirations of being a board member or you just want to learn more about what is required to bring water to your home then you should attend this meeting.

If you are interested in attending please call one of your board members and let them know you will be attending so that we can make sure we have enough seating.  However, it is not necessary to RSVP.  If you choose to not call a board member we would still want you to feel free to attend.

After the two hour meeting we will be having our monthly meeting and you are invited to attend this as well.

All of this will be taking place at the Sunnyslope County Water District Office at 3570 Airline Highway, Hollister CA.
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