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April Minutes

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Minutes of April 12, 2018
In attendance:          Board members: Julian Rogers, Garry Solmonson, Summer Garcia
Guests:                    Bill Biermann, Sandy Ayala, Cliff Fasnacht
Meeting convened at : 7:15pm
Minutes were approved from March 13, 2018 meeting
Guest Speakers Cliff and Sandy’s update and comments on our system:
a. Well 1 is still testing positive for bacteria and microbial contamination as a result of surface water infiltration.  They do not believe well 1 is salvageable and recommend drilling a well in a new location after researching nearby wells and
water chemistry.  They suggest we look into the State Revolving Fund (SFR) for financial assistance. They suggested we would need to revamp our treatment system to handle surface water in order to use Well 1 again.
b. The media in Filter #2 at Well 2 was replaced by the manufacturer in March.  No cost to us at this time but Cliff hasn’t decided how to charge for his labor hours.  Filter #1 is next to have the media replaced as well.  Well 2 is currently
under the MCL for manganese.  The Disinfection Byproducts (DPB’s) are undetectable now. We are only required to test and report these every quarter now.  We are still over the MCL for arsenic and the post readings fluctuate.  Cliff
 is working on changing our water chemistry to assist the filter media in removing the arsenic.
c. Cliff agreed to assist with the State response to compliance action plan of 1/19/2018.
Financials deferred until May meeting
Executive Session convened at 9:25pm
a. H23 First Notice being sent out
b. F04 First Notice being sent out
New Issues/Information:
a. Monthly meeting has been changed to the 2nd Thursday of every month
b. Julian and Summer completed the required Ethics training classes
c. Form Sl-100 required by 4/30/2018 is being completed by Garry and Julian
d. Vegetation was removed around the pump house by Julian Rogers and Ed Flores
e. 815 Foxhill backflow device has been installed by the property owner and should have certification within a week.
f. The water meter at 545 Heatherwood Estates Drive is legible by way of picture and will not be replaced at this time.
g. Tree over the meter box at 865 Heatherwood Estates drive has been trimmed by the property owner.
h. We need to give notices to the State, Dougherty, and our shareholders with the updated list of Board Members and their positions.
i. Julian will reach out to Jonathan and Jan to make them aware of the changes to our Board and get their input regarding Well 1.
j. Dougherty will go out to 901 Foxhole to locate and investigate the two wells on that property.
a. Board has authorized $1,200 to purchase a laptop
b. Board has authorized $120 to purchase a filing cabinet
c. Still need an estimate from Dougherty regarding the 8 curbstops that need to be replaced.  
Next Board Meeting:
Date: Thursday, May 10, 2018    
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Sunnyslope Water District, 3570 Airline Hwy
Meeting adjourned at 10:10pm
Submitted by Summer Garcia
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