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Arsenic Corrective Action Plan

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To: Jan Sweigert / Jonathan Weininger                                               February 8, 2017
From: Bill Biermann – VP BRMWC
Subject: Corrective Action Plan to reduce the arsenic level in our water

The following plan was put together with inputs from our water system operator.

We have developed a two step plan moving forward. The goal is to reduce the As V levels in our distribution system to comply with the current standards.

Our first step is to replace our Manganese Dioxide greensand filter media. By replacing the filter media, it is anticipated this will reduce the pentavalent arsenic levels in the distribution system.  BRMWC has received a quote from Dougherty Pump for this job. The job entails removal of the media from the existing tanks, cleaning of the tanks, install and commissioning new manganese dioxide (NSF 61 approved) media and monitoring arsenic levels post filtration. This effort should be completed by the end of June 2017.

The second step will be to refurbish Well #2. This job will be completed by Dougherty Pump. It is anticipated to have this completed around April 2018. The scope of this job is the same as the refurbishing of Well #1.

As a side note, last year BRMWC refurbished its 125,000 gal. water holding tank. (Dec 2015 – Nov 2016). BRMWC also had well #1 refurbished by having it brushed, cleaned and test pumped. Pumping date is being provided. It also shows a low reading of arsenic levels. The arsenic levels recorded from Well #1, since Sept 16, 2016, have not exceeded 10 ug/L.

If both projects go as planned we hope to be in compliance by early 2018.

Thank you for reviewing BRMWC corrective action plan and working with us to bring this arsenic problem under control.
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