Best Road Mutual Water Company
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BRMWC Bylaws

1. Waiver of Notice: Any member or director may waive, in writing, any notice of a meeting required to be given by these Bylaws, the Articles, or the General Corporations Law of California. The attendance of a member or director at any meeting shall constitute a waiver of notice of such meeting by such member or director, except in case a member or director shall attend a meeting for the express purpose of objecting to the transaction of any business on the grounds that the meeting was not lawfully called or convened.

2. Amendments to Rules and Regulations: These Rules and Regulations may be changed and amended from time to time, not inconsistent with law, the Offering Circular or these Bylaws by appropriate action of the Board of Directors. No exceptions to these rules will be permitted without the prior written approval of the Board. Members will be notified of amendments to the Rules and Regulations annually.

3. Accounting System and Reports: The Board shall cause to be established and maintained, in accordance with generally accepted principles of accounting, an appropriate accounting system and books of account.

4. Record Date and Closing of Membership Certificate Book: The Board may fix a time, in the future not exceeding thirty (30) days prior to the date of any meeting of members, or the date for any other action affecting the membership as a record date for the determination of the memberships entitled to notice of and to vote at such meeting, or entitled to receive the benefit of any such other action and in such case only members of record on the date so fixed shall be entitled to notice of and to vote at such meeting or to receive any such benefit, as the case may be, notwithstanding any transfer of any membership certificates on the books of the Company after any record date fixed as aforesaid.

5. Inspection of Company Records: The membership certificate book. The books of account, the Bylaws and the minutes of proceedings of members’ and Directors' meetings, and of the executive, if any, and other committees of the directors shall be open to inspection upon the written demand of any member at any reasonable time, and for a purpose reasonably related to his interest as a member and shall be exhibited at any time when required by the demand at any membership meeting of ten percent (10%) of the membership represented at the meeting. Such inspection may be made in person or by an agent or attorney, and shall include the right to make extracts. Demand of inspection other than at a membership meeting shall be made in writing upon the President, Secretary or General Manager, if any, of the Company.

6. Reports to Members: Annual reports as required by law, including annual fiscal year end financial statements, will be given to members within one hundred five (105) days of the close of the fiscal year.

7. Construction and Definitions: Unless the context otherwise requires, the general provisions, rules of construction and definitions contained in the California General Corporation Law shall govern the construction of these Bylaws.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the masculine gender includes the feminine and neuter, the singular number includes the plural number, and the plural number includes the singular number and the term "person" includes a corporation as well as a natural person.
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