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Aug 2018 Update

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Dear Shareholders and Residents,

The recent board meeting that had been scheduled for August 9th was postponed due to low attendance from the board (unable to vote), and no attendance of shareholders.
As a result, we have scheduled a meeting for Thursday, August 16th at 7pm. Due to the short notice and non-availability of our regular location, the meeting will be held in my home, 845 Heatherwood Estates Drive.

The typical review of current issues will take place, but we have 3 main points of review on the agenda.
·         Review, assess and select a water provider from proposals submitted by:   Dougherty, Bracewell, MCSI, AllClearwater
·         Review and approve bookkeeper rate increase proposal
·         Assess operational/replacement options to address the failing water control heads ($10,500)

All 3 of these agenda topics partially revolve around finances. If you've ever wondered where the money goes that we pay each month, this will certainly be an informative meeting to attend.

Of course all are welcome, we hope to see you there.

Julian Rogers
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