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December Minutes

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Best Road Mutual Water Company
Monthly Meeting
Minutes of December 12th, 2019

In Attendance:      Board members:               Julian Rogers, Marsha Poenisch, Summer Garcia, Nick Bowden, Greg Bluhm
Guests:                None
Meeting convened at 7:05 pm by Julian Rogers

Approval of minutes from November 14th, 2019 board of directors meeting

  • Treasurer Report: as of November 2019
  • CD                                                          $1,023.26
  • Checking                                                 $65,664.51
  • Repair & Replacement                              $114,072.33
  • Invoices and Expenditures
  • Ellen Fishers Bookkeeping                        $507.90
  • Bracewell                                                $1,882.00
  • PG&E                                                      $973.21
  • AT&T                                                     $87.07
Reimbursements to Julian Rogers for batteries and keys given to Treasurer
Water System Operations and Maintenance Report
  • Routine maintenance was performed as required.
  • There were no operational problems with the water system last month and 569,817 gallons
  • Collected additional arsenic samples for the water system to respond to the compliance order with DDW and determine the feasibility of using the current arsenic blending plan and system once Well 1 is put back on line. At this point it appears as though the arsenic from Well 2 fluctuates based on the flow from the well, but aside from that issue we should be able to meet the limit by blending Wells 1 & 2. It is still possible that the blended well result will not meet the MCL and we will need to look into arsenic treatment in the future. Through our additional arsenic monitoring we have determined that the current media is not removing any arsenic although the manufacturer specifications say it should
  • Bracewell responded to several high water storage tank issues and spent some time trying to troubleshoot the problems with the well controls for the system.
  • Bracewell purchased a pump to try and get water out of the meter boxes to perform the meter reads in early November. Some of the meter boxes are located in low spots on the side of the road that are susceptible to significant flooding during heavy rains.17 gallons of chlorine added this month
  • De iron wash performed
  • Replaced batteries on tank sensor
  • SCADA cell transmitter seemed to interfere with the tank level sensor, so SCADA system was turned off for now until the cell transmitter can be moved further away.  Now tank level sensor seems to be working again.
New Issues/Information
  • AB54 requirement ethics online meeting completed for Greg Bluhm
  • Chlorine levels nominal
  • Arsenic levels have dropped
  • No new info on emergency plan
  • Contact Info successfully updated
  • PGE Outages/Backup Generator - Nick to meet with contractor (Steller Electric) in the next few months to evaluate costs and permits for generator and fuel cabinet.
  • Capital Improvement Plan presented by Marsha for board review and to ask questions at next meeting.
  • Treatment System Design presented by Julian for board review and information.
  • Scada System currently off.  Investigate moving transmitter.
Last Months action items
  • Summer talked with Bracewell about better reporting
  • Scada updated
  • Nan, copies of well design done
  • Nick looked into generator
  • New board director’s paperwork completed with state
  • Summer to contact about Bracewell boundaries
  • New board members now have keys
  • Julian will find availability to set up a service/contract review (fact finding) meeting with Robert with Bracewell to provide our feedback, expectations, partnership, report quality, on-call response, closing protective meter lids, meter reading accuracy, etc.
  • Tank Inspection by Bracewell?
Executive Session
  • F01 Customer delinquent since October
  • H07 in over 90 days.  3rd and final notice to be sent, by certified mail, regular mail, and e-mail.  This notice will include date of water to be shutoff.
  • H21 may have a leak, high usage.  Greg to e-mail 500 maranatha
  • P05 getting 2nd late notice.  May have incorrect billing.
  • P08 needs 1st notice
  • P13 late change to be waived based on earlier agreement
Future Action Items
  • Marsha to Re-review Capital Improvement Plan
  • ·Julian to set up meeting with Bracewell
  • Nick to continue generator investigation
Next Board Meeting
Date: Thursday, January 9th, 2020             Time: 7:00pm
Location: Sunnyslope Water District, 3570 Airline Highway
Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm.

Respectfully submitted by Greg Bluhm and Nan Bustos
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