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February Agenda

Board Agenda > 2018 > February
February 13, 2018 at 7 pm
3570 Airline Highway (Sunnyslope WaterDisrict)
1.    Call to  order
2.    Approval of  Minutes  of previous meeting
3.    Financials:
a.    Treasurer Report
b.    Invoices and Expenditures
4.    Water system Operations and  Maintenance Report:
a.    Monthly Report from Water Operator
b.    Report of other Issues
5.    Executive Session:
a.  Shareholders monthly usage report
b.  Collections Report – Pass Due Accounts Status
c.  Individual Shareholder issues
6.    Continued Issues:
a.    815 Fox Hill backflow device/shutoff - Ed B and Julian status report.
b.    Final Well #1 Investigation Report.  Dougherty to organize appendices to complete.
c.     XIO $3502 Invoice – still investigating
d.    7 month old delayed post treatment arsenic(?) lab results. Dougherty/Cliff to check- no response
7.    New Issues/Information
      a. State response to compliance action plan of 1/19/18 – Sent to Cliff for review and response – only response referral
to expert e-mail??
    b. Insurance questionnaire completed and sent to company by GWS.
    c. Other?
8.    Next Board Meeting:
a.    Date: March 13,2018
9. Adjournment
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