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February Agenda

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February Minutes
Minutes from Feb 16 Board Meeting
March 14, 2016   

*In Attendance:Garry Solmonson, Bill Biermann, Jim Goetz and Noel Provost. *
Guest:Julie and Rudain Arafeh, Don Urguhart

Meeting convened at 7:07 p.m. by Bill Biermann, Vice President
*Approval of Minutes from JANUARY 19, 2016. Recommended approval by Garry Solmonson and seconded by Noel Provost.All board members approved .*

A.Treasurer Report:As of Jan 31, 2016:CD: $ 1016.48
Checking: $ 149,242.46

B.*Invoices and Expenditures: *
Ellen FishersBookkeeping invoice – Jan 2016 - $ 415.00
Dougherty Jan 2016 invoice: $ 3402.20
PG&E: $ 858.57(Jan 2016)
AT&T:$ 65.98(Jan 2016)

_Water System Operations andMaintenance Report_:
_Monthly report from water operator_:
*Well 1 is still unavailable this month due to maintenance and upgrades. Noel to inquire when Well #1 will be completed. Approval was given to Dougherty to proceed with cleaning and installation.*
Well #2:No operational problems.
*Arsenic levels remain at 10ug/L. or less. Well testing still must be completed on a weekly basis.*
*1 meter remains to be cleaned. The address is 820 Heatherwood Estates Drive. The street line will have to be shutoff to replace the shutoff valve and clean the meter. Shareholders will be notified.*

Report of other Issues:_
*There will be a sanitary survey, with Jonathan Weininger from the State Water Resources Control Board-Division of Drinking Water, on Feb 24, 2016.This inspection will look at the BRMWC system and a general evaluation of the area served. This review is conducted every 2 years.*

Executive Session:_
a.Shareholders monthly usage report:
*Of the 48 Shareholders, NO homeowner exceeded the recommended 20,000 gal. limit for Jan 2016.*
*Total amount of water used by all shareholders for JAN 2016 was 322,079gals. Total gallons pumped was 371,944.*
b.Collection report – Past due account status:
All delinquent shareholders made payments this past month.
c.Individual Shareholder issues:None

Continued Issues_:
*SCADA system – Dougherty is looking at compatibility of equipment. The router that needs to be purchased needs to be compatible with the low level alarms in the wells and water storage tank. Telemetry panel is being re-designed to function with the SCADA system. Noel is working with Dougherty. Well 1 cleaning and updating is one part of the task to complete to work with the SCADA System. Cleaning of well #2 and cleaning and Repair of the water storage tank is also part of the installation of the SCADA system.*

*Repair and replacement Reserve fund- It was discussed among the board members and the decision is to set up a separate checking account for Repair and Replacement fund. Garry will set up the account. $ 40,000 will be left in the general fund and the remaining balance will be deposited in the Repair and Replacement account. Amounts will be reported in the Treasurer Report.*

*Annual Budget - Rudain Arafeh presented his concerns about the cost of providing water to the Shareholders and the amount of money being spent to maintain the system. Rudanconcern is that if we spend more moneymaking repairs, then in next 2-3 years we would not be able to operate the system. The board mentioned that this years high cost of Repair and Replacement costs is a one time only. The major parts of the water system should be good for another 15 – 20 years. A 5 year Repair and Replacement budget is being developed.*

*The Water Board thanked Rudan for his comments and concerns about the water rates. *

*When the Board sent out a notice (in the Feb water bill) of increases in our rates, we received inputs from 3 shareholders. We thank everyone who commented and your comments were considered in the final decision.*

*The Boards decision continued with rate discussions. The Board approved a rate increase as follows: $ 10.00 increase to the general operation fund and a $ 15.00 increase to the Repair and Replacement fund.Total increase of $25.00. This increase will be reflected in the April 1, 2016 water bill. Total monthly amount will nowbe $ 170.00 (base rate). Monthly over usage rateswere not changed.*


*The report from the inspection of the water holding tank was received from CSI on Feb 15, 2016. The Board approved the go-ahead by CSI to submit the statement of work to about 9 contractors to complete the cleaning and repair of the holding tank. Noel will co-ordinate with CSI and Dougherty to get this job completed.*

_New Issues/Information: _
*Garry Solmonson to complete and submit the Statement of information for the State.*
*Garry will follow up on the inputs to our web site programmer to makethe web site more user friendly.*

_Next Board meeting:_
Date:(Tue) March 15, 2016Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: 640 Heatherwood Estates Drive
Meeting Adjourned at9:16 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,
Bill Biermann,Vice President, BRMWC
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