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February Minutes

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Minutes of February 13, 2018
In attendance:            Board members: Nan Bustos, Summer Garcia, Ed Flores

Guests:                        Bill Biermann, Conrad Smith

Meeting convened at 7:16 pm by Nan Bustos, Secretary

Approval of Minutes from January 9, 2018 was deferred to February meeting

A.      Treasurer Report: As of January 31, 2018
a.      CD:                                                $1,019.45
b.      Checking:                                        $46,640.99
c.       Repair & Replacement:                    $50,712.33
B.      Invoices and Expenditures:  January, 2018
a.      Ellen Fisher’s Bookkeeping:               $400.00
b.      Dougherty:                                      $3,761.35
c.       PG&E:                                            $1,082.16
d.      AT&T:                                             $79.84
e.      State Water Board:                           $534.40
f.        Garry Solmonson:                           $34.81
Water System Operations and Maintenance Report
A.      Monthly Report from Water Operator:  
a.      Shareholders monthly usage report:  
                 i.      Of the 48 shareholders, 1 homeowner exceeded the recommended 20,400 gallons limit for January, 2018
                 ii.      Total amount of water used by all shareholders in January, 2018 was 343,876 gallons.  Totals gallons pumped was 402,610.
b.      On ½, 1/11, 1/18 & 1/24 we performed extended flushings of the hydrant at 795 Foxhill in an attempt to reduce the TTHM/HAA5 levels.
c.       Vegetation needs to be removed around the pumphouse
d.      Meter valves were exercised, and 8 are found to be stuck.  A shutdown needs to be scheduled for each to be replaced.  Need an estimate from Dougherty.
e.      Tree over meter on 865 Heatherwood Estates needs to be trimmed for meter access.
f.        Well #1: Testing continues on the well.  Waiting for the well report to be issued.  The well has been offline since January 16th.  
g.      Well #2:  No operational issues.  Online since January 16th.  
h.      Report of other issues
                 i.      Ongoing:  No back flow device at 815 Fox Hill Circle. Water will be shut off to residence due to safety concerns and multiple notifications of
 non-compliance.  Final notification has been sent.
                ii.      Ongoing:  The water meter at 545 Heatherwood Estates Drive needs to be replaced.  The numbers are faded and are hard to read.  A quote has
 been received.  Water will have to be shut off, to some residences, during the repair. (This replacement is pending.)
Executive Session
A.      F01:  > 120 days; First notice being sent out
B.      H23: > 120 days; Home on the market
New Issues / Information
A.      Issues and accomplishments:
a.      We are short a President and Vice President on the board.  
b.      Summer Garcia was nominated and confirmed as Collection Officer.
c.       Board is suggesting to change monthly meeting from 2nd Tuesday of each month, to 2nd Thursday of each month.
d.      Communication from State on 11/16 due 1/10/18 regarding Compliance Action Plans.  Request was sent to Dougherty and they confirm they are
working on response.
e.      Emergency Response Plan needs to be updated with new board members’ names.  Nan Bustos will update the plan and send to Ed Bless to post in
the pump house.
f.        Board authorized $1,200 to purchase laptop.
g.      Board authorized $120 to purchase a file cabinet.
Next Board Meeting
Date:  Thursday, March 15, 2018       Time: 7:00pm
Location:  Sunnyslope Water District, 3570 Airline Highway
Meeting adjourned at 9:28pm
Respectfully submitted,
                                                                       Nan Bustos, Secretary, BRMWC
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