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February Minutes

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Best Road Mutual Water Company
Monthly Meeting
Minutes of February 13, 2020

In Attendance:  Board members:   Julian Rogers, Marsha Poenisch, Nan Bustos, Greg Bluhm, Nicholas Bawdon
Guests:                Jim Goetz
Meeting convened at 7:10 pm by Julian Rogers
Approval of minutes from January 9th, 2020 board of directors meeting
Treasurer Report: as of January 2020
CD                                                                       $1,023.72
Checking                                                              $60,029.52
Repair & Replacement                                           $119,832.33
Invoices and Expenditures
Ellen Fishers Bookkeeping                                     $506.30
Bracewell                                                            $2,606.80
PG&E                                                                  $757.41
AT&T                                                                  $86.12

Water System Operations and Maintenance Report
There were no operational problems with the water system last month and 416,277 gallons were pumped while 367,521 gallons were metered at customer homes. Maintenance. Routine maintenance was performed as required.
The operations staff collected additional arsenic samples for the water system to respond to the compliance order with DDW and determine the feasibility of using the current arsenic blending plan and system once Well 1 is put back on line. At this point it appears as though the arsenic from Well 2 fluctuates based on the flow from the well, but aside from that issue we should be able to meet the limit by blending Wells 1 & 2. It is still possible that the blended well result will not meet the MCL and we will need to look into arsenic treatment in the future. Through our additional arsenic monitoring we have determined that the current media is not removing any arsenic although the manufacturer's specifications say it should.
Water Treatment System Upgrade:  Bracewell engineering staff completed the design of the disinfection system for the new surface water treatment system for Well 1 and design of a new booster pump to transfer treated water to the storage reservoir. We also completed the engineering report, drawings, and various data tables and operations plans required to complete the submittal to DDW for the Well 1 permit amendment. The remaining task is to perform a watershed sanitary survey but in the meantime the amended permit application was submitted in January 2020 so that it can be reviewed by DDW and not have to wait for completion of the survey.

Additional work performed:
  • Replaced the air compressor that assists with the automated filter backwashes
  • Routine rounds & reads. The measured treated water residual leaving the plant was 1.47 mg/L and at 840 Heatherwood it was 1.11 mg/L
  • Monthly meter reading was completed on 2/3/20
  • Routine rounds & reads were on 2/3/20 as well. The measured treated water residual leaving the plant was 1.82 mg/L and 1.40 mg/L.
  • Quarterly DBP samples were collected.
New Issues/Information
  • Marsha Poenisch has given notice that she will be moving, and therefore will leave the board.  She currently holds position of treasurer.
  • Board approval to continue using AT&T
  • Board approval to continue with BKP for tax preparation
  • AB54 and free training, Nicholas Bawdon has completed the training
  • Per Chris at Bracewell, if we have the ability to pump more water, we can backfill the tank more quickly, and this will help control the chlorine level
  • Arsenic 13.22 mcl average level for 4th quarter, acceptable limit is <= 10 mcl
  • Chlorine 0.8 mcl average, which is an acceptable level
  • Need to find out from PG&E what voltage/phase is being delivered to determine backup generator requirements.  Current estimate is around $10,000.  Maybe need a generator for the tank and well as the pump.
  • Prioritizing expenses: treatment system expenses as first priority, backup generator would be a later priority.
  • Backflow Test Results – there is still have 1 home with a failed backflow.   Homeowner has been notified, need to follow up.
  • SCADA system has been turned off.  Cell phone transmitter will be moved and retested.
  • Treatment System Design – State has done a preliminary completeness review of our application for treatment system.  There are 6 items that the state has proposed to change in the application, and 2 design recommendations.  None of these items appear to be significant.  There is no indication whether or not there would be an impact to cost based on these changes.
  • Tanks – Nicholas did some research on cost of 2x 12,000 tanks.  8-10 week lead time, built to spec, $17.7K cost.  Will get some additional quotes for tanks for comparison.
  • Bids for treatment system – will go out for bid once we believe that design is ready for preliminary bids
  • Meeting with Bracewell – see attached minutes from Greg Bluhm
  • Julian will contract Bracewell regarding the filter size for the new treatment system to see if it’s possible to go with larger than 30gpm capacity
  • Nick and Julian to meet with another contractor regarding the backup generator
  • Greg will contact homeowner regarding failing backflow device
  • Marsha to send Capital Improvement Plan to state, looking for contact to send it to.  Julian will call Jonathan regarding contact name.
Executive Session
  • H01 will be send 1st notice
  • H07 is paying +$200/month to work down overage/penalties

Next Board Meeting
Date: Thursday, March 12, 2020  Time: 7:00pm
Location: Sunnyslope Water District, 3570 Airline Highway
Meeting adjourned at 9:35pm.
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