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January Minutes

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Minutes of January 10, 2017

In Attendance: Board members Garry Solmonson, Bill Biermann, Mark Wright and Marc Mastroianni.
Guest: Paul Levy
Meeting convened at 7:08 p.m. by  Bill Biermann, Vice President.
Approval of Minutes from November 8, 2016. Recommended approval by Marc and seconded by Garry.  All board members approved. There was no board meeting in Dec. 2016.

A.    Treasurer Report:  As of Dec. 31, 2016:   
CD: $ 1018.68   
Checking: $ 44,988.76,
Repair & Replacement: $ 28,429.18
B.     Invoices and Expenditures:
Ellen Fishers  Bookkeeping invoice – Nov 2016 - $ 400.00
Bookkeeping invoice – Dec  2016 - $ 400.00
Dougherty Nov. 2016 invoice: $ 3,483.79
Dougherty Dec. 2016 invoice: $  3,606.89
PG&E: $ 1,138.74 (Nov. 2016)
AT&T:  $ 72.15 (Nov. 2016)
PG&E: $ 1,262.18 (Dec. 2016)
AT&T:  $ 71.86 (Dec. 2016)
BRMWC Insurance (Nov. 2016)  $849.00
CSI Inspection (Dec 2016) $5950.00

Water System Operations and  Maintenance Report: Monthly report from water operator:
Total amount of water used by all shareholders for November 2016 was 455,370 gals. Total gallons pumped was 471,572 gals.
Total amount of water used by all shareholders for December 2016 was 417,340 gals. Total gallons pumped was 444,313 gals.
Well #1: No operational problems. Well #1 is the online well.
Well #2:  No operational problems. Offline but backup for Well #1.  
System fire hydrants were flushed last month. No problems.
The green sand filters show signs of exhaustion and will need to be replaced in the near future. (received a quote: $ 14, 750). After board discussion the board will be requesting an itemized quote from Dougherty.
Dougherty’s monthly fee will be increased by $150 starting Jan 2017.
Report of other Issues: Received notice from the State drinking water division regarding a violation of arsenic in the water for the 3rd quarter of 2016. To comply with the notice, on Dec 6, 2016 a notice was emailed or mailed to all shareholders. The State was notified of this action on Dec 7th. Dougherty participated in this procedure.
A corrective action plan for arsenic reduction is required by January 20, 2017. Must be delivered in person. Bill is working on this plan with Dougherty.
In the violation report BRMWC is required to respond every 3 months regarding what we are doing to bring our arsenic problem under control. Next report is due April 10, 2017.

Executive Session:
a.     Shareholders monthly usage report: Of the 48 Shareholders, 3 homeowner exceeded the recommended 20,000 gal. limit for November 2016.
3 homeowner exceeded the recommended 20,000 gal. limit for December 2016.
b.     Collection report – Past due account status:
Delinquent  First Notices will be sent to H07, P06 and H23. Second notices are being sent to H23. Third notice is being sent to F01 and H11. A motion was presented by Marc to send water shut off notices F01 and H11 if payment are not made. Seconded by Garry. All board members approved.
c.      Individual Shareholder issues: None

Continued Issues: Still looking for someone to take over inputting data for the BRMWC web site.

New Issues/Information:
Submitted the Small water supplier conservation report on Dec 14, 2016.
Projected budget for O&M and R&R funds was presented.

Next Board meeting:
           Date:  (Wed) February 15, 2017          Time: 7:00 p.m.
           Location:  Sunnyslope Water District at 3570 Airline Highway

Meeting Adjourned at  8:57 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,  
Bill Biermann,  Vice President / Secretary, BRMWC
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