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January Minutes

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Best Road Mutual Water Company
 Monthly Meeting
 Minutes of January 9th, 2020
In Attendance:  Board members:               Julian Rogers, Marsha Poenisch, Summer Garcia, Nick Bawdon, Greg Bluhm
Guests:                            Dennis Silva

Meeting convened at 7:07 pm by Julian Rogers
Approval of minutes from December 9th, 2019 board of directors meeting

Treasurer Report: as of December 2019
CD                                                                       $1,023.72
Checking                                                            $63,354.55
Repair & Replacement                                       $116,952.33

Invoices and Expenditures
Ellen Fishers Bookkeeping                                       $483.00
Bracewell                                                            $8,091.00
PG&E                                                                    $741.04
AT&T                                                                      $86.98
First Alarm                                                              $90.00
Julian Rogers reimbursement                                    $33.59

Water System Operations and Maintenance Report
  • There were no operational problems with the water system last month and 569,817 gallons were pumped while 334,625 gallons were metered at customer homes.  Routine maintenance was performed as required.
  • The monitoring report, Monthly Summary of Distribution System Coliform Monitoring and Coliform Reporting Form for the Best Road Mutual Water System were submitted to DDW by email with a copy sent for the water system’s files.  The monthly distribution system bacteriological sample was negative for both total coliforms and E. coli.  The treated water and Wells 1 and 2 were monitored for manganese and iron and the treated water results were below their MCLs.  
  • The monthly monitoring of Well 1 and Well 2 for arsenic was completed and the monthly average arsenic level in Well 2 was 5.7 ug/L.  The weekly sampling of the treated water for arsenic was completed and the monthly average arsenic level was 10.5 ug/L.  
  • The water in the distribution system was monitored for TTHM and haloacetic acids and the results were below their respective MCLs.

New Issues/Information
  • AB54 and free training
  • Chlorine levels nominal
  • Arsenic levels are lower than last month
  • Contact Info update
  • Insurance Update - minimal changes from prior.  Address of equipment updated.
  • Backup Generator – Nick met with contractor on Sunday January 5th, 2020.  Manual transfer switch is possible, but automatic transfer switch is typical and would likely cost similarly.  $1,000 quote for permits.  $100/hour labor cost for about 2 days, plus material costs.  Generator costs may range from $3,000 to $10,000.  Auto transfer switch is probably best, running on propane.
  • Backflow Test Results – 2 of the results failed.  Owners need to be notified.
  • Capital Improvement Plan – Greg Bluhm made motion for Marsha to send it to the state, Julian seconded.  All approved.
  • Scada System – plan to relocate sensor
  • Operators Budget 2020 – ~20% increase, but generally due to extra arsenic testing.
  • Treatment System Design – Gone to State.  Sanitary survey needs to be performed for permit.  Both tanks now rated for 12,000 gallons.  Greg made motion to extend Bracewell’s design contract by $500, to help defray the excess costs they incurred in development of the system.  Marsha seconded.  All approved.

Last Month’s action items
  • Preventative maintenance inspection of tank by Bracewell.  Will discuss with Bracewell

  • Greg Bluhm to update address on questionnaire and send questionnaire back on Monday 13th 2020.
  • Nick and Julian to meet with another contractor regarding the backup generator.
  • Julian to contact Bracewell if they will repair Backflow devices
  • Greg Bluhm to generate letter to the homeowners who need the Backflow device repaired.
  • Julian will contact Bracewell to set up a Wednesday early evening meeting with Bracewell, to discuss issues.  Bracewell needs to understand that they need to inform property owners that they will be charged if the repair is on the owners’ end.

Executive Session
  • H07 agreed to pay +$200/month to work down overage/penalties.
  • H11 needs 1st late letter for non-payment
  • H21 has big usage and needs 1st late letter for non-payment
  • P05 is over 90 days.  Needs 3rd letter sent registered mail
  • P08 is over 60 days.  Needs 2nd letter

Future Action Items
  • Marsha to send Capital Improvement Plan to state
  • Julian to set up meeting with Bracewell
  • Nick to continue generator investigation
  • Set up protocols for water breaks, calling Bracewell, and turning off lines.
  • Emergency repair items.

Next Board Meeting
Date: Thursday, February 13th, 2020        Time: 7:00pm
Location: Sunnyslope Water District, 3570 Airline Highway

Meeting adjourned at 9:35pm.

Respectfully submitted by Greg Bluhm and Nan Bustos
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