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July Minutes

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MINUTES OF July 12, 2016

In Attendance:   Bill Biermann, Garry Solmonson and Jim Goetz.  
Absent:  Noel Provost
Guest: Steve and Cheryl Sullivan

Meeting convened at 8:30 p.m. by Bill Biermann, Vice President
Approval of Minutes from June 14, 2016.  Recommended approval by Garry  and seconded by Jim.  All board members approved .
A. Treasurer Report:  As of June 30, 2016:   CD: $ 1017.61    
Checking: $ 41,149.71, Repair & Replacement: $116,250.65  
B. Invoices and Expenditures:
Ellen Fishers  Bookkeeping invoice – June 2016 - $  400.00
Dougherty June 2016 invoice: $  3,446.48
PG&E: $ 798.11  (June 2016)
AT&T:  $ 72.60  (June 2016)
Garry Solmonson: Filing of Lien fee – $ 30.00
First Alarm:  $ 90.00

Water System Operations and  Maintenance  Report:
Monthly report from water operator:
Well 1 is still unavailable  due to maintenance and upgrades.  Cleaning  started  on Mar. 22, 2016.  Well 1 has completed some initial testing and flow tests, with some very interesting results. The results have prompted us to see if the identified target rate maintains the goal. We are still waiting on some of the chemical tests.  At first blush it appears that we have a target rate that if it maintains will allow for increased flow and reduced contaminates. Waiting for water test data. Estimated to be completed by end of July 2016.
Well #2:  No operational problems.  
Arsenic levels remain at  10ug/L. + or  less.  Well testing  is  be monitored and reported  on a weekly basis. 2 reading was over at 10ug/L.
The water meter at  820 Heatherwood  Estates Drive was changed out on June 28th.  A new meter was installed.
Report of other Issues:  June 28, 2016 – Water was turned off to the community for connecting the Temp. 10,000 holding tank, replacing water meter at 820 Heatherwood Estates and to replace a leaking pipe and check valve in the pump house. All items were completed but with lots of problems. The board was not notified that the system was to be turned off for the day. Emergency notices were delivered to homeowners,  online email messages were sent and the notice was posted on the web site. When the system was back on (approx. 4:30 pm) Fox hill still had no water or low water pressure. It was determined that there was an air bubble in the line. Once this was cleared all home were back on line by 8:30 pm except for one at 835 Fox Hill. Water arrived at this house at 11:00 pm. Problem is still being addressed.

Executive Session:
a. Shareholders monthly usage report:
Of the 48 Shareholders, 14 homeowner exceeded the recommended 20,000 gal. limit for June 2016.
Total amount of water used by all shareholders for June 2016 was 770,226  gals. Total gallons pumped was 908,819.
b. Collection report – Past due account status:
Delinquent  Notices will be sent to  F01.
c. Individual Shareholder issues:    Discussion on payment for P09 continues. Discussion with homeowner at H22, for broken pipes and resulting in excess usage. During the discussion the homeowner asked when Best Road will be providing some relief to the homeowners (more water). The Board explained that with the refurbishment of the 125K  water  holding tank and the cleaning of well #1, current water usage and rates will remain in effect.

Continued Issues:  SCADA system – (Still in process).  Telemetry panel is being re-designed to function with the SCADA system.  Well 1 cleaning and updating is one part of the task to complete to work with the SCADA System. Cleaning of well #2 and cleaning and Repair of the water storage tank is also part of the installation of the SCADA system. No change in status.
WATER HOLDING TANK CLEANING:  Dougherty  delivered a  temp. 10,000 gal.  water storage tank on June 23, next to the 125,000 storage tank .   On June 27 the 125K tank has begun to be drained.  Notices were delivered to Cal Fire and the Hollister Fire Dept. regarding the work to the tank.
On June 28th the temp. 10,000 gal holding was connected up to our system. 125K tank still draining.
July 5, 2016 Spiess Construction  begin set up for the process of cleaning the 125,000 gal.  holding tank.   Monitor the new web site for progress. (brmwc.com).
Status as of 12 July: The top ring is being sand blasted and will be completed by 13 July. The roof cleaning is estimated to be sand blasted by Friday July 15th. Project is on schedule.
Please monitor your water usage during the refurbish of the holding tank. Our well #2 is all we have providing  water to all shareholders. If shareholders abuse the daily  usage the pump will be on for a longer period of time. If we lose pump #2 we will have no water until it is repaired.

New Issues/Information:  
Member Guard Pool Alternative (Insurance item): This new coverage was provided to the board my our insurance company Glatfelter Public Practice. Garry will review  the policy, call the insurance provider and will give his recommendations at the next meeting.

Next Board meeting:
Date:  (Tue)  Aug 9, 2016    Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location:   Sunnyslope Water District at 3570 Airline Highway
Meeting Adjourned at  9:50  p.m.

    Respectfully submitted,  
Bill Biermann,  Vice President, BRMWC
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