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June Minutes

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Minutes of June 13, 2019
In attendance:            Board members: Julian Rogers, Nan Bustos, Marsha Poenisch, Summer Garcia
Guests:                        Nicholas and Jessica Bawdon, Greg Bluhm

Meeting convened at 7:08 pm by Julian Rogers

Approval of Minutes from April 30, 2019 and May 9, 2019 board of directors meetings

A.      Treasurer Report: As of May 2019
a.      CD: $1,022.55
b.      Checking: $57,421.31
c.       Repair & Replacement: $93,912.33
B.      Invoices and Expenditures: May 2019
a.      Ellen Fisher’s Bookkeeping: $450.00
b.      Bracewell: $2,507.00
c.       PG&E: $807.19
d.      AT&T: $28.45
e.      Julian Rogers Reimbursement:  $49.04
f.        Summer Garcia Reimbursement: $120.00
g.      Kasavan, Bianchi & Pope: $1,000.00
h.      Franchise Tax Board: $800.00
i.        XIO Systems: $1,060.36
Water System Operations and Maintenance Report
  1. There were no operational problems with the water system last month and 526,599 gallons were pumped while 500,780 gallons were metered at customer homes.
  2. Sanitary Survey Status:  Sanitary survey items are satisfied
  3. Chris (Bracewell) is working on the measurement of trace chlorine to meet state requirements for treatment of surface drinking water designation. The State (Jonathan) is giving us time to address the issues.

Chris Hague from Bracewell was present to give us a status on our wells and to update on recommendation for filtration system.
  • Our water system has 2 wells.  Well 1 was designated as und the influence of surface water and needs treatment.  The well is unusable until treated.
  • Well 1 previously had higher arsenic levels than well 2, however this is now the opposite.
  • We currently have 3 existing issues.  1) Arsenic level slightly above the recommended levels, 2) well #1 is under the influence of surface water, and 3) chlorination of the water results in disinfection byproducts to increase.
  • Our system is under compliance orders from the state to address the arsenic levels (both wells), iron and manganese treatment on one well needs treatment, and well 1 is under the influence of surface water.
  • The proposed solution is to bring well 1 back online and blend the water from wells 1 and 2 to reduce the arsenic levels and organics, etc in order to achieve compliance status.
  • We need to address well 1 issues, as well 2 does not need remediation of issues.
  • Recommendation not to add filtration filter to well 2, since there is no order at this time on well 1.  If you need to run well 2 through surface treatment, it would be set up in such a way that we can use it.  We will need to add filtration (pre-filters and membranes to accommodate).  We might also need an additional tank.  Additional cost, and not needed at this time.
  • Design and permitting process estimated at $15K.  Construction and installation of filtration system is estimated / quoted at $56,155.
  • Estimate approximately 1 year for permitting process.  Installation would then be another 1 year estimation for installation of filtration system.
  • The cost is higher than drilling a well on personal property because  this is a public water system, with strict regulations from the DDW.  We are under compliance orders that must be addressed, and the filtration proposal will address all of the existing compliance orders.
  • We have money in our reserves to cover the cost of the system, or will there need to be a rate increase or need to ask shareholders for money?  We currently have reserves that should cover the cost.  The cost will be spread over 1.5 years as the process moves forward.
  • A motion was made to move forward with the proposal for design permitting documentation process.  Motion to defer decision on construction and installation of the filtration system until a later time.  Motion approved.

  1. Nan will add link to emergency plan of state’s emergency plan.  State has asked to have a plan in case of fire.  Julian will send Nan the mail from Jonathan with the link.
  2. Marsha will research process for changing the bylaws for future potential needs
  3. Julian will progress with the installation of XIO system.
  4. Marsha will work on completing the capital plan.  Waiting for Bracewell’s proposal on treatment system.
  5. Marsha will contact Ellen to send out late notices.
  6. Marsha will contact Ellen to confirm payment for P10 (late fee)
  7. Marsha will contact Ellen for overall payment history

New Issues / Information
  1. Emergency Plan- sent to state for review, some suggestions including plan in the event of fire.
  2. Treatment system- Bracewell has submitted a proposal to bring on well 1 back online, and add a filtration system.
    1. Estimated cost is $50,000
    2. $15,000 for permits, operations manual, etc
    3. $56,000 for the treatment unit with filter membrane, storage tanks and pumps
    4. Equipment will be located in the pump house to treat well 1, well 2 could be added
    5. Storage tanks located outside
    6. Capacity estimated at 70-80GPM, now at 40 GPM on one pump
    7. Installation, testing and final sign-off by the state is 1 year
    8. Ongoing costs are not expected to change much
  3. Scada System – modem purchased. Chris (Bracewell) will work with Julian to install.  Julian met with Chris to go over the installation details.  Julian will perform the installation himself in order to save money for the water company.  Thank you Julian!
  4. Move to authorize Julian to purchase materials to install the Scada system, up to $1,000.  Motion approved.
  5. Capital Improvement Planning – pending receipt of proposal letter from Bracewell
  6. Ongoing compliance issues:
    1. TTHM:  Compliance Order 02_05_17R_001 TTHM.  We are currently in compliance.  Need to continue to report for one year after we meet compliance.
    2. Arsenic MCL:  02_05_16R-005 Arsenic levels above recommended levels for drinking water.  March 2019 was first month to be in compliance with arsenic levels.
    3. Well #1:  02_05_18R_002 Groundwater under the influence of surface water
  7. Questions regarding water allocations and pricing.  We will be able to re-evaluate once we are able to resolve our compliance issues as well as ability to pump more water.  Motion to table discussion of water allocations and pricing until we have better information regarding water allocations until we have more information to make a judgement.  Motion was approved.

Executive Session
  1. P10 – agreement to waive late fee due to extenuating circumstances
  2. 1st late notices going to H3, H7, H11
  3. Final late notice going to P5
Next Board Meeting
Date:  Thursday, July 11, 2019                Time: 7:00pm
Location:  Sunnyslope Water District, 3570 Airline Highway
Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm
Respectfully submitted,
Nan Bustos, Secretary, BRMWC
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