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March Minutes

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Minutes of March 15, 2017

In Attendance: Board members Bill Biermann and Garry Solmonson
Absent: Marc Mastroianni and Mark Wright
Guest: None
Meeting convened at 7:03 p.m. by  Bill Biermann, Vice President.
Approval of Minutes from JANUARY 10, 2016. Recommended approval by Garry and seconded by Bill.  All board members approved. There was no meeting in February.

A.    Treasurer Report:  As of Feb  28, 2017:   
CD: $ 1018.68   
Checking: $ 40,770.81,
Repair & Replacement: $ 34,189.18
B.     Invoices and Expenditures:
Ellen Fishers  Bookkeeping – Feb 2017 - $ 400.00
Dougherty Feb 2017 invoice: $ 3,691.05
PG&E: $ 725.01 (Feb 2017)
AT&T:  $ 71.88 (Feb 2017)
Member Guard (Best Road Ins) $1,958.00 (4-1-17 to 4-1-2018)

Water System Operations and  Maintenance Report:
           Monthly report from water operator:
a.     Shareholders monthly usage report:
Of the 48 Shareholders, 1 homeowner exceeded the recommended 20,000 gal. limit for February 2017.
Total amount of water used by all shareholders for February 2017 was 300,738 gals. Total gallons pumped was 350,738 gals.
Well #1: Testing for Coliforms levels in well #1.  Another disinfection will be performed when weather permits and standing water recedes. The well has been offline since 1/16. According to SWRCB, the well needs to remain offline until the Bacteria samples come back absent for both Coliform and E‐coli.
Well #2:  No operational problems. Online since Jan 16th.  
The itemized quote for replacing and cleaning the green sand filters was approved and Dougherty was contacted on Feb. 25th to proceed with the contract.
Report of other issues: cross connect problem at 825 Fox Hill Circle. Best road water feeding the county blue valve. Shareholder was informed by Dougherty that they must keep valve closed.
Dougherty reported that 815 fox hill circle has no back flow device installed. Garry to follow up with a letter regarding a requirement to have a backflow device installed.

Executive Session:
a.  Collection report – Past due account status:
    Delinquent First Notices:  H07.
Second notices: none.  
Third notice: P08 (call).
b.     Individual Shareholder issues: none

Continued Issues: None

New Issues/Information:
a.     Best Road  Insurance coverage was paid on Feb 23, 2017. $ 1,958.00. Coverage is from 4-1-2017 to 4-1-2018.  
b.     Arsenic action plan is due on April 10th. Bill to submit to State
c.      P.O. Box dues are due by end of the month. Bill to pay.
d.     Blue line power want to install solar panels by pump house. (Not at this time)
e.     X10 (scada mfg.) requesting final payment for materials yet to be shipped.

Next Board meeting:
           Date:  (Tue) April 11, 2017        Time: 7:00 p.m.
           Location:  Sunnyslope Water District at 3570 Airline Highway
Meeting Adjourned at  8:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,  
Bill Biermann,  Vice President / Secretary, BRMWC
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