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March Minutes

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Best Road Mutual Water Company
Monthly Meeting
Minutes of March 12, 2020
Draft minutes: To be approved at the next board meeting
In Attendance:  Board members:               Julian Rogers, Marsha Poenisch, Nan Bustos, Greg Bluhm, Summer Garcia, Nicholas Bawdon
Meeting convened at 7:12 pm by Julian Rogers
Approval of minutes from February 13th, 2020 board of directors meeting
Treasurer Report: as of January 2020
CD                                                          $1,023.72
Checking                                                 $63,433.48
Repair & Replacement                              $122,712.33
Invoices and Expenditures
Ellen Fishers Bookkeeping                         $450.00
Bracewell                                                 $2,718.00
PG&E                                                       $890.85
AT&T                                                      $86.19
Marsha Poenisch Reimbursement               $20.00
CRWRMA                                                 $2,101.00
Water System Operations and Maintenance Report
Not receiving weekly maintenance reports as per agreement with Bracewell.  
Bracewell increased chlorine to the tank, which resulted in a high reading.  Summer took the action to get the levels back to an acceptable level.
New Issues/Information
  • Corona virus (COVID-19) – There are no specific guidelines for small water systems regarding this issue.  The state will provide updates as they might become available.
  • Arsenic 9.1 mcl average level for the past 4 weeks, acceptable limit is <= 10 mcl
  • Chlorine 0.8 mg/l average, which is an acceptable level
  • We are continuing to investigate the possibilities to add an emergency backup generator.  We have a quote for $17,100 for a Generac 3-phase 20kW LP backup generator with ATS.  Moving to a 30kW LP generator moves the price to $21,500.  Prices are for complete installation and start up.  The board approved a motion to table the discussion until the water treatment project cost and requirements are finalized.
  • Backflow Test Results – there is still 1 home with a failed backflow.   Homeowner has been notified but is not responding to attempts to communicate. Our water system is at risk, and we are out of compliance with the state.  A 10-day shutoff notice will be sent to homeowner.
  • SCADA system has been turned off.  Antenna was moved to try to resolve conflict, but this did not resolve the interference issue.  Will continue to troubleshoot to get this back online.
  • Treatment System Design – State has done a preliminary completeness review of our application for treatment system.  There are 6 items that the state has proposed to change in the application, and 2 design recommendations, and Bracewell has responded back to the state on these issues.  Estimated time to begin construction is 2-3 months.  Bracewell has confirmed that the spec’d filter capacity is at least 60gpm, but assuming that based on our pump capacity, actual flow will be 30-40gpm.
  • AT&T sent notification to utilize BRMWC proprietary network information internally within AT&T in order to offer new or enhanced services.
  • Marsha will be moving at some time in the near future, need to transition either a current board member to treasurer, or we need to have a new member join

  • Nan to publish capital plan to the BRMWC website
  • Marsha will contact 2-3 additional plumbing companies to get quotes for installation of filtration system being designed by Bracewell Engineering
  • Julian will contact Bracewell for quote for filtration system installation as well
  • Greg and/or Julian will send a 10-day shutoff notice will be sent to homeowner regarding failed backflow device

Executive Session
  • H11 will be send 1st notice

Next Board Meeting
Date: Thursday, April 9, 2020        Time: 7:00pm
Location: Sunnyslope Water District, 3570 Airline Highway
Meeting adjourned at 9:11pm.
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