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MINUTES OF May 10, 2016

In Attendance:   Garry Solmonson,  Bill Biermann,  Jim Goetz and Noel Provost.  

Guest: Jean Thompson-
lbbeson from RCAC organization

Meeting convened at 7:11 p.m. by Bill Biermann, Vice President

Jean Thompson-
Ibbeson from RCAC organization is helping BRMWC to meet all requirements that are required by the County and the State of California Water boards. Items included AB54 training required by all Board members. Two board members have had this training class.  Training on AB54 will take place on July 12 before our regular monthly board meeting. Start time will be 6pm. Other items we should have are a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), Source Water plan, 5 year budget plan, an emergency response plan and an Operations Plan.

The presentation by Jean was an eye opener and very informative as to what may be required to monitor the arsenic levels in our water. This is also a major problem, cost wise, for all water companies.  

We all thanked Jean for the 90 min. presentation.

Approval of Minutes from April 19, 2016.  Recommended approval by Garry  and seconded by Jim.  All board members approved .


A. Treasurer Report:  As of April 30, 2016:   CD: $ 1017.61    

Checking: $ 41,039.58, Repair & Replacement: $114,690.65  

B. Invoices and Expenditures:

Ellen Fishers  Bookkeeping invoice – April 2016 -
$  400.00

Dougherty Apr 2016 invoice: $  3,094.88

PG&E: $ 857.58  (Apr 2016)

AT&T:  $  65.96  (Apr 2016)

CSI: Samples & bid packages -

Garry Solmonson: reimbursement for Statement of Info. -
$ 20

Water System Operations and  Maintenance  Report:

Monthly report from water operator:

Well 1 is still unavailable  due to maintenance and upgrades.  Cleaning  started  on Mar. 22, 2016.  Waiting for water test data. Estimated to be completed by end May  2016.

Well #2:  No operational problems.  

Arsenic levels remain at  10ug/L. + or  less.  Well testing  is  be monitored and reported  on a weekly basis. 1 reading was over at 12ug/L.

1 meter remains to be cleaned. The address is 820 Heatherwood Estates Drive. The street line will have to be shutoff to replace the shutoff valve and clean the meter. Effected Shareholders will be notified. This is a non-
emergency problem. Will be completed when time permits.

Report of other Issues:  

The boost pump at H09 has been removed. The pump was in violation of the new cross connect ordinance.  Our water operator will be checking  each home where such  pumps are installed.

Executive Session:

a. Shareholders monthly usage report:

Of the 48 Shareholders, one homeowner exceeded the recommended 20,000 gal. limit for April 2016.

Total amount of water used by all shareholders for April 2016 was 485,214  gals. Total gallons pumped was 569,549.

b. Collection report – Past due account status:

H07 and  P09,  made payments.

Delinquent  Notices will be sent to F01, H07,  H10 and H23.

c. Individual Shareholder issues:    Discussion on payment for P09 continues.

Continued Issues:

SCADA system – (Still in process)  Telemetry panel is being re-
designed to function with the SCADA system. Noel is working with Dougherty. Well 1 cleaning and updating is one part of the task to complete to work with the SCADA System. Cleaning of well #2 and cleaning and Repair of the water storage tank is also part of the installation of the SCADA system. No change in status.

WATER HOLDING TANK CLEANING:  The Water board  reviewed the 5 bids. The costs ranged from 61K to 130K.  The board selected  Spiess Construction  to perform the holding tank cleaning. Bill will notify Spiess and see when the contractor can start work. Before the holding tank cleaning can start we would like to have both wells up and running.

New Issues/Information:  

2015 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR): Copies are being made and will be mailed to each shareholder. The CCR will also be on the new web site.

New web site for Best Road: A new web site was designed by board member Noel Provost. Bill recommended we adopt this new web site. Garry seconded the motion. The board approved. The site will be more user friendly. The user name is: Check it out and give us your feedback.

Review of Emergency Response plan: This Emergency Response plan was put together by Noel and RCAC (Jean Thompson-
lbbeson). The plan meets our requirement in the  state AB54 bill.

Member Guard Pool Alternative (Insurance item):  This new coverage was provided to the board my our insurance company Glatfelter Public Practice. Jim will review the policy and give his recommendations at the next meeting.

2016 Sanitization Survey inputs :  As of May 2016, 4 of the 5 description of deficiency items have been responded to and are complete. The remaining item will be repaired during the holding tank refurbishment this summer. Responses have been sent to Jonathan Weininger.

Next Board meeting:

Date:  (Tue) June 14, 2016    Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location:   Sunnyslope Water District at 3570 Airline Highway

Meeting Adjourned at  9:35  p.m.

   Respectfully submitted,

Bill Biermann,  Vice President, BRMWC
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