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Nov 2018 Update

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November Annual Meeting Reminder and Water Update

Dear Shareholders and Residents,

I would like to take some time to update you with recent changes regarding BRMWC. As of the 1st of October, we have switched our water operator to Bracewell Engineering. This is a big change and was not a decision taken lightly. The decision to evaluate different operators boiled down to several factors, each of which took while to observe:
1.      Under-performance of our then existing operator.  We had several incidents which led to this conclusion. The details were discussed in the public meetings and are somewhat involved. If you are interested in more details, please reach out and I can provide additional information.
2.      The ability of our then existing operator to treat the specific water quality.  Since joining the board, I repeatedly heard from our operator that the best solution to our water issues was to drill a new well. There seemed to be no concerted effort to address all our water quality issues as a whole, and it felt like we were not moving forward as we should have.
3.      Cost. After reviewing what we were paying monthly for the operation of our water system, it became apparent that we were overpaying for the level of service we were receiving. We were previously paying $3,100 per month for basic operation plus approximately $100+ per month for additional arsenic testing as mandated by the state. By switching to Bracewell Engineering, we have reduced the monthly cost to $1,880, including the arsenic testing. This is a considerable savings and money that can be put towards the treatment system that will be required to improve our water quality, bring our second well back online, and achieve compliance with the state.

We received bids from 3 companies, including Bracewell Engineering, who were ultimately selected for a combination of price and ability to help with our specific issues. That being said, the decision has been made by the Board and the change is done. I really feel this is a positive step forward for BRMWC. If you have questions or concerns about this, feel free to reach out, but I do hope we can all now focus our efforts on tackling the challenges we are facing and moving forward with our new operator. I understand there are frustrations, but please, let’s try to focus on the big issues we face and not get lost in the minutiae.

The Annual Meeting is at 7:00PM, Nov 15th at my home, 845 Heatherwood Estates Drive. All are welcome, and I hope we will have a good turn-out. A lead Engineer from Bracewell Engineering will be attending to provide information, and will also have the annual elections. Pizza will be provided. The official meeting will start at 7PM, but Pizza will be on site from 6:15PM. I thought this might be a good opportunity to mingle, ask and answer questions before the meeting and eat free Pizza. I hope to see many of you there from 6:15PM onwards.

Julian Rogers
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