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November Minutes

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Minutes of November 15, 2018
In attendance:            Board members: Nan Bustos, Summer Garcia, Julian Rogers, Ed Flores, Marsha Poenisch

Guests:                       Dennis Silva, Shannon Allen, Barbara Taddeo, Robert          

Meeting convened at 7:15 pm by Julian Rogers

Approval of Minutes from October 11, 2018

Marsha Poenisch provided an overview of the financials for the past year.  
A.      Treasurer Report: As of October, 2018
a.      CD:                                                $1,021.52
b.      Checking:                                       $49,105.47
c.       Repair & Replacement:                    $73,752.33
B.      Invoices and Expenditures: October, 2018
a.      Ellen Fisher’s Bookkeeping:                  $450.00
b.      Dougherty:                                      $3,030.00
c.       PG&E:                                            $1,069.66
d.      AT&T:                                                 $88.08
e.      First Trust Alarm:                                 $90.00
Annual Shareholder’s Meeting
·      Introductions of board and shareholders
·      Julian Rogers provided an update on the change of water operators to Bracewell Engineering.
Update from Bracewell Engineering:
·         Priority that water quality issues are addressed.  
·         Bracewell originally engineering the blending of the wells to address the arsenic issues, so they have some past knowledge of our issues and how it was
addressed historically.
·         Arsenic issue is dependent on the operation of well 1.  There is a treatment system that blends the water from wells 1 and well 2 that are intended to bring the
arsenic level down.
·         Well 1 is under the influence of surface water.  Therefore you have to treat the water in the well as if it was surface water.  
·         Bracewell has had recent success in adding a filtering system to another well that they service. This might be a potential resolution for BRMWC, and will need to
be investigated as a potential solution to bring well 1 back online with approval from the state.
·         Bracewell’s focus during the first month in operation as our water operator has been to get a baseline of the condition of the wells/water.  There has been
extensive testing.
·         Concerns from shareholders regarding water volume limitations per household.  Per Bill Biermann, water system was originally designed to deliver 400 gallons
 per home/day.  
·         General concerns regarding the fact that we currently have only one well in operation.  We feel that we are in a position to evaluate our options regarding
bringing a 2nd well online.
·         Concern from one shareholder regarding water odor and quality.  Consumer Confidence Report is the report in which we can gauge the quality of the water.
There are some things that might be a nuisance rather than harmful.  Bracewell suggested that if shareholders have difficulty understanding the reporting /
 results, they are willing to explain.  
·         December 11th the board will meet with the division of drinking water…
·         Pre-and post filter testing has been performed by Bracewell.  The results are showing that the results of contamination are higher post than pre treatment,
which is unusual.  Bracewell is in contact with the division of drinking water to see what options are acceptable/available to address some of the issues.  We may  look at adding chlorine to our water once again, and there are options for other additives that might be added.  
·         Question from shareholder regarding possibility of having a different billing system depending on water usage.  For example, a different scale for summer vs.
winter when more water is used.  The board responded that the limitations to provide water prevent us from being able to allow this.
·         The floor was opened for elections of the board of directors.  
·         Marsha – we would not be in a position to address our problems if it were not for Julian digging in and understanding our current water situation.  Thank you
·         The existing board is willing to keep positions.  Motion to nominate new board member, Director at Large, Dennis Silva.  All were in favor.  Motion to re-
 nominate existing board of directors.  All were in favor.
Next Board Meeting – Annual Shareholder’s Meeting
Date:  Thursday, December 13, 2018    Time: 7:00pm
Location:  Sunnyslope Water District, 3570 Airline Highway
Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm
Respectfully submitted,
Nan Bustos, Secretary, BRMWC
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