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October Minutes

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Minutes of October 11, 2018
In attendance:            Board members: Nan Bustos, Summer Garcia, Julian Rogers, Ed Flores, Marsha Poenisch


Meeting convened at 7:15 pm by Julian Rogers

Approval of Minutes from September 13, 2018

A.      Treasurer Report: As of September, 2018
a.      CD:                                            $1,020.53
b.      Checking:                                    $45,715.86
c.       Repair & Replacement:                 $65,112.33
B.      Invoices and Expenditures: September, 2018
a.      Ellen Fisher’s Bookkeeping:            $400.00
b.      Dougherty:                                   $3,030.00
c.       PG&E:                                         $1,069.66
d.      AT&T:                                          $88.08
e.      First Trust Alarm:                          $90.00
Water System Operations and Maintenance Report
A.      Monthly Report from Water Operator:
a.      Shareholders monthly usage report:  
                 i.     Meters were read on 8/1/18.  Of the 48 shareholders, 9 homeowner exceeded the recommended 20,400 gallons limit
for August, 2018
                 ii.    Total amount of water used by all shareholders in August, 2018 was 844,280 gallons.  Totals gallons pumped was 929,980.
b.      Hydrants flushed in May, will flush again in November, 2018
c.      Street valve testing due March, 2019 (annual)
d.      Well #2:  No operational issues.  Online since January 16th 2017.
e.       Backflow certifications due October, 2018 (annual)
f.       Exterior storage tank inspection due November, 2018 (semi-annual)
g.      Status on Well 1: Cracked casing, livestock nearby, pooling water, all contributing to contamination issues.  Requested information
on what will it take for us to get well #1 in compliance.  Must fix cracked casing in order to prevent issue of surface water influence.
1.      Marsha suggested that we consider electronic payment options for our BRMWC billing.  Action to contact Ellen Fisher and the bank to see if
it’s possible and what it would take.
2.      Marsha will double check with Ellen Fisher regarding billing practice for how days / monthly billing is calculated.
3.      Nan Bustos to correct contacts list on Website.
4.      Julian will check with Bracewell regarding which vendors/contractors that they work with in emergency situations. Will also check
regarding overtime terminology in contract.  
5.      Julian will request Bracewell to attend November annual meeting.  

Executive Session
A.      H14 First Notice being sent
B.      H21 First Notice being sent
C.      P05 First Notice being sent
New Issues / Information
A.      Issues and accomplishments:
a.      Ongoing compliance issues:
                 i.      TTHM: Compliance Order 02_05_17R_001 TTHM). We are currently in compliance. Need to continue to report for one year
after we meet compliance.  
                 ii.      Arsenic MCL: 02_05_16R-005 Arsenic levels above recommended levels for drinking water.  
                 iii.      Well #1: 02_05_18R_002 Groundwater under the influence of surface water
                 iv.      Cross-connection: Blue valve water source does not have proper separation from BRMWC water source, therefore cross-
connection.  This is a compliance violation.  
                 v.      Lead compliance: Need to “prove” that we don’t have any lead in our water lines.
B.      Board members (Nan Bustos, Ed Flores, Marsha Poenisch) need to complete ethics course AB54 and AB240.  
C.     Backflow device at 815 Foxhill has been incorrectly modified and cannot be tested.
D.      Shareholder at 575 Heatherwood Estates is complaining over water quality.  Board approval to have Bracewell investigate potential water
Next Board Meeting – Annual Shareholder’s Meeting
Date:  Thursday, November 15, 2018    Time: 7:00pm
Location:  Home of Julian Rogers, 845 Heatherwood Estates Drive
Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm
Respectfully submitted,
Nan Bustos, Secretary, BRMWC
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