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October Minutes

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MINUTES OF October 11, 2016

In Attendance: Board members Garry Solmonson, Bill Biermann, Noel Provost and Jim Goetz.
Guest: Dan Harder, Mark Wright, Pat McGuire, Dennis Silva, Marc Mastroianni, Paul Levy and Ed Bless.

Meeting convened at 7:08 p.m. by Garry Solmonson, President.  During opening remarks,  Garry  thanked Noel Provost and Bill Biermann for watching over the operations of the Company during his absence. Bill Biermann, Vice President then ran the rest of the meeting.
Approval of Minutes from Sept 13, 2016. Recommended approval by Noel and seconded by Garry.  All board members approved.

A.    Treasurer Report:  As of Sept. 30, 2016:   
CD: $ 1018.68   
Checking: $ 44,126.89, Repair & Replacement: $ 34,014.06
B.     Invoices and Expenditures:
Ellen Fishers  Bookkeeping invoice – Sept 2016 - $ 400.00
Dougherty Sept 2016 invoice: $ 3,190.10
PG&E: $ 741.06 (Sept 2016)
AT&T:  $ 72.64  (Sept 2016)
Dougherty Well #1 on line $ 7668.50
First Alarm $ 90.00
Noel Provost (registered notices) $ 21.99
California Rural Water Association Dues: $183.00

Water System Operations and  Maintenance Report:
Monthly report from water operator:
Total amount of water used by all shareholders for September 2016 was 652,457gals. Total gallons pumped was 734,650.
Well 1 pump is back on line as of Sept. 19th. Water samples came back within State standards. Well #1 is the now the primary pump.
Well #2:  As of Sept. 19th this well is now being evaluated and is the backup for Well #1.  Arsenic levels remain above 10ug/L. Well testing is being monitored and reported on a weekly basis to the County.

Report of other Issues: Backflow device inspections were completed in Sept. for Fox hill homeowners. 2 devices failed the test and were repaired. The last 2 devices passed on 30 Sept.

Executive Session:
a.     Shareholders monthly usage report:
Of the 48 Shareholders, 3 homeowner exceeded the recommended 20,000 gal. limit for September 2016. Largest was 28,570 gals.
b.     Collection report – Past due account status:
Delinquent  First Notices will be sent to F04, H1. Second notices are being sent to F01, H10, H11, and P10. Third notice is being sent to  P08.
c.      Individual Shareholder issues: P10 has made a 2nd payment.

Continued Issues:
WATER HOLDING TANK CLEANING - Status as of Oct. 11th: The Holding Tank filling was stopped as of Sept. 9th due to low water pressure reported by homeowners in Fox hill. (Problem was that Pump #2 was only pumping 18 – 20 gpm. Currently under evaluation). After Well #1 was placed on line the filling process was continued on Sept. 26th at 3gpm. The tank is currently ½ full. Expect to be full around Oct. 27th.
Copper and Lead testing:  Copper and lead testing from 5 homes has been completed.

New Issues/Information:
Accomplishment for 2016: (Handout was provided to Shareholders)
The new web site for Best Road Mutual Water Company was created and put on line in May 2016. Access at brmwc.com
7 months of financial figures were provided for fiscal year April 2016 / March 2017. Balances as of 30 Sept 2016 are:    CD: $ 1018.68    Checking: $ 44,126.89, Repair & Replacement: $ 34,014.06
125,000 GAL Holding tank was refurbished this past year. Also included was a new float system. The old one was broken. Also included was 4 hand holes in the top of the tank for future catholic protection system. Total cost was $85,011.50. Handout timelines and cost provided to shareholders.
Well #1 Refurbished this past year. Well #1 inside wall and screen opening of the pipe were scraped and cleaned. The pump refurbished. Back on line Sept. 19th.  Total cost was $25,203.00. Handout timelines and cost provided to shareholders.
Vandalism at the 125,000 gal. holding tank was discussed. No damage was found around the tank only to the entrance gate. This happened Labor day weekend. A police report was filed.

Election of Board members:
4 shareholders requested their names be put into nomination for 2016/2017 water board Director positions. All members present confirmed the 4 people. The following members are the new board:
Garry Solmonson, Noel Provost, Bill Biermann and Mark Mastroianni.   Welcome new board members and Thank You Jim Goetz for your service.
2 days after the Annual meeting Mark Wright submitted his name to be considered for the board. The 4 board members approved.  

Next Board meeting:
           Date:  (Tue) November 8, 2016            Time: 7:00 p.m.
           Location:  Sunnyslope Water District at 3570 Airline Highway
Meeting Adjourned at  8:32 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,  
Bill Biermann,  Vice President, BRMWC
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