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September Minutes

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Minutes of September 12, 2019

In attendance:            Board members:  Julian Rogers, Nan Bustos, Marsha Poenisch
Guests:                        Greg Bluhm, Jessica and Nick Bawdon
Meeting convened at 7:30 pm by Julian Rogers
Approval of Minutes from August 8, 2019 board of directors meeting
  1. Treasurer Report: As of August 2019
    1. CD:                                                $1,022.55
    2. Checking:                                       $59,286.43
    3. Repair & Replacement:                     $105,432.33
  2. Invoices and Expenditures: August 2019
    1. Ellen Fisher’s Bookkeeping:               $450.00
    2. Bracewell:                                       $1,882.00
    3. Bracewell (Filter system design):        $2,692.50
    4. PG&E:                                             $964.86
    5. AT&T:                                              $85.30
Water System Operations and Maintenance Report
  1. There were no operational problems with the water system last month.  866,084 gallons were pumped while 866,310 gallons were metered at customer homes.
  2. Routine maintenance performed.  
  3. DDW Reporting The monitoring report, Monthly Summary of Distribution System Coliform Monitoring and Coliform Reporting Form for the Best Road Mutual Water System were submitted to DDW by email with a copy sent for the water system’s files.
  4. The monthly distribution system bacteriological sample was negative for both total coliforms and E. coli.
  5. The treated water and Wells 1 and 2 were monitored for manganese and iron and the treated water results were below their MCLs.
  6. The monthly monitoring of Well 1 and Well 2 for arsenic was completed and the monthly average arsenic level in Well 2 was 19.0 ug/L.
  7. The weekly sampling of the treated water for arsenic was completed and the monthly average arsenic level was 17.0 ug/L.
  8. The water in the distribution system was monitored for TTHM and haloacetic acids and the results were below their respective MCLs.
  9. Bracewell continues working on the design of a water treatment system for Well 1.  After design is complete, next step will be to obtain permits.
  1. Summer will speak to Bracewell about getting more details of work performed monthly to be detailed in the monthly report
  2. Provide a list of shareholders who have not responded to updated information request
  3. Julian will progress with the installation of XIO system
  4. Marsha will contact Ellen for overall payment history
  5. Nan will update emergency response plan with links to state’s emergency plan
  6. Marsha will speak to Ellen about adding a reminder for board meeting dates
New Issues / Information
  1. Emergency Plan- Jonathan has suggested adding some additional information to the plan.  Plan will be updated and resubmitted.
  2. Treatment system- Design work is progressing well.  Initial draft piping and instrumentation plan in final draft phase.  Expect final draft review next week.
    1. Estimated cost is $50,000
      1. $15,000 for permits, operations manual, etc
      2. $56,000 for the treatment unit with filter membrane, storage tanks and pumps
      3. Spent approximately $5K to date
    2. A prelim design has been prepared and was to send to the state for review.  The state approved the conceptual design.  Based on the state’s input, the final stamped report will be prepared for official submission.
    3. Equipment will be located in the pump house to treat well 1, well 2 could be added
    4. Storage tanks located outside
    5. Capacity estimated at 70-80 GPM, now at 40 GPM on one pump
    6. Installation, testing and final sign-off by the state is estimated to be 1 year
  3. Scada System – Julian has installed the system and the server is online.  The sensors still need to be connected before the system is online.  Equipment is powered up and communicating.  Bracewell is providing technical support during the installation and setup.  Next step is to set up communication between the sites.  
  4. Capital Improvement Planning – Marsha is taking the action
  5. Asphalt under equipment in pump house is cracked and is deteriorating.  We will get quotes on repair/replacement in order to evaluate options.  Julian met with one contractor who has not yet responded with quote.
  6. hlorine continues to be monitored.  Bracewell is having some struggle maintaining the residual levels in the tank.  Will continue to flush to try to manage.
  7. Meter accessibility is becoming an issue for meter readings at some locations, including one meter behind an electric fence.  Bracewell was asked to provide a list of locations where meter accessibility is a problem.
  8. Ongoing compliance issues:
    1. TTHM:  Compliance Order 02_05_17R_001 TTHM.  We are currently in compliance.  Need to continue to report for one year after we meet compliance.  
    2. Arsenic MCL:  02_05_16R-005 arsenic levels above recommended levels for drinking water.  March 2019 was first month to be in compliance with arsenic levels.  Our results are better, but our average is above the recommended level.  Blending wells 1 and 2 should help us to get below recommended levels, however well 1 will need to come back online before this blending can happen.
    3. Well #1:  02_05_18R_002 Groundwater under the influence of surface water
  9. Julian has observed a broken meter on the main storage tank.  He will follow up with Bracewell.
  10. Lights in the pumphouse are not currently working.  Julian will look at getting this fixed.
  11. Greg Bluhm suggested that we send out a meeting reminder to try to get more attendance.
  12. Lead testing was completed and passed with no issues.
  13. Received notice from PG&E that we may experience outages with recommendation to plan accordingly.  Discussion on whether we should consider adding a generator as a backup.  In referencing our emergency response plan, we have a provision for power outages.  No generator seems necessary at this time.
Executive Session
  1. 1st late notices going to H07
  2. 1st late notice going to P05
Next Board Meeting
Date:  Thursday, October 10, 2019         Time: 7:00pm
Location:  Sunnyslope Water District, 3570 Airline Highway

Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm
Respectfully submitted,
Nan Bustos, Secretary, BRMWC
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