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September Minutes

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MINUTES OF September 13, 2016

In Attendance:   Bill Biermann, Noel Provost and Garry Solmonson
Absent:  Jim  Goetz
  Guest:  Dan Harder, Mark Wright and Jess Quinlan

Meeting convened at 7:10 p.m. by Bill Biermann, Vice President
Approval of Minutes from Aug 9, 2016.  Recommended approval by Garry and seconded by Noel.  All board members approved.

A. Treasurer Report:  As of Aug 31, 2016:   CD: $ 1018.55    
Checking: $ 43,566.75, Repair & Replacement: $ 65,256.119
B. Invoices and Expenditures:
Ellen Fishers  Bookkeeping invoice – Aug 2016 - $  415.00
Dougherty Aug 2016 invoice: $  3,547.37
PG&E: $ 712.56  (Aug 2016)
AT&T:  $ 72.67  (Aug 2016)
Spiess Construction (tank refurbish.)  $28,660.63
CSI Services:  Tank inspection $ 6,961.50
Water System Operations and  Maintenance  Report:

Monthly report from water operator:
Total amount of water used by all shareholders for August 2016 was 719,943 gals. Total gallons pumped was 755,213.
Well 1 pump was put back together on August 24.  Water samples were taken and sent to lab. Results will be back in 10 – 15 days. As of Sept 13th  test date expected back tomorrow.
Well #2:  No operational problems.  Arsenic levels remain at  10ug/L. + or  less.  Well testing  is  be monitored and reported  on a weekly basis. 2 reading were over 10ug/L.   

Report of other Issues:
On Sept. 4th someone knocked down the gate to gain entry into the holding tank area. The people went up to the top of the tank but did not gain entry. It was noticed the 8 inch fill valve into the tank was open. This activity was documented by Dougherty on Tue, Sept 6th. Bill B. was notified  and He filed a police report. Kids in the area with a golf cart are suspected of the intrusion.

Executive Session:
a. Shareholders monthly usage report:
Of the 48 Shareholders, 9 homeowner exceeded the recommended 20,000 gal. limit for August 2016. Largest was 29,770 gals.
b. Collection report – Past due account status:
Delinquent  Notices will be sent to  F01, P08 and H10
c. Individual Shareholder issues:    H22 has cleared and paid. P10 has made a payment.

Continued Issues:
SCADA system – The process will take until well #2 has been cleaned and updated (2017). Reporting of this item is being tracked but will not be reported on until change of its status.
WATER HOLDING TANK CLEANING - Status as of Sept. 13th: The Holding Tank refurbishment is complete. The week long curing and disinfecting was completed on August 22. The tank was turned over to Dougherty so they could fill the 125,000 gal holding tank. Filling started on Sept 8th.  I hope you were monitoring  the new web site during the process. ( Check it out. We have posted a lot of pictures during the cleaning and painting process.
BYLAW AND OFFERING CIRCULAR: Bylaws updates were discussed. Revision B was approved by the Board. Basic amendments was the adding of a Rules and Regulations section. There was a discussion on what is a member in good standing. Clarification to this item was made. Garry made a motion to accept the amendments and Noel seconded. All of the Board approved.

ANNUAL MEETING NOTICE : Annual meeting notice was sent with the Sept. 7th billing  and the notice was installed on the web site. Annual meeting is Oct 11, 2016.

New Issues/Information:  
Low to no water issues re: filling 125K holding tank. (Sept 9 / 10)
Discussion on this issue included the 3 guests.

9/8 – Thu:  Dougherty installed a transfer pump to start filling the 125K holding tank. Filling from the temp. 10K to the 125K at 8 gals/min.

9/9 – Fri: Around 4 pm I received a call from Dougherty about low water pressure at 855 Fox Hill Circle. Dougherty was dispatching Sam to see what the problem is. Bill went over to 855 to see what was the problem. The lady did not have much pressure at the kitchen sink. I checked out her pressure pump which was not running. We then turned on a water outlet in the back yard. The pump came on and the owner had pressure again. I explained to her what we are doing at the holding tanks. Sam arrived after checking the pump, at the pump house, checked out the owner at 855 to see the problem. Sam also checked out the 10k holding tank.
At 8:33 I sent out an email to owners limiting water usage until 125k tank was filled.
Around 9:30 pm I get an email from Mark Wright saying he has no water at his house but his lower house had water. Got a phone call from Paul Levy at 830 Fox Hill Circle, saying he has low pressure. At 10 pm. I made an emergency call to Sam to come back and check things out again. Bill also put out another Email saying that Bill had contacted Dougherty and they would be out.
Sam stopped by the pump house first and everything was working. Bill met Sam at the pump house. We then went to the holding tanks. The 10K tank was not filling and was nearly empty. The transfer pump was shut down. The goal is to fill the 10K holding tank to get head pressure back. Drove around the neighborhood checking to see if the owners had water at the street valves of the properties. (Fox Hill). We were finished around midnight. Sam went back to the pump house again to check on a few more things. (The pump was never off and water was provided to all property owners and some had low pressure).

9/10 – Sat: Message sent from Mark stating he has water at his house. Another email late on saying he had no water at his house. Messages were then sent to Jan Sweigert (State rep.) about the problems. A couple more messages were received. Most of the owners were understanding. Another message was sent to homeowners, posted on the web site ( and was also hand delivered to all shareholders. We were again asking to stop using excessive amounts of water until we get the problem solved.
Everyone had pressure Saturday and with no complaints.

9/11 – Sun: Mark had water all day. No messages from anyone.
Received an email from Jan requesting some testing be done because our system was off for more than 24 hrs.  Bill answered the email with what happened. I called Jan at home. She asked to be kept informed.

9/12 – Mon: Cliff (Dougherty), talked to Noel about pump #2, saying that it is only pumping at 18 - 20 gpm. He feels we should clean the well. The problem could be the well casing in being plugged or the pump is losing capacity. Well #1 is being put back on line as soon as test results are back. Well #1 has been completely cleaned and scraped. When #1 is online a plan to continue filling the 125K tank will be discussed. Not everyone left with a warm feeling.
Copper and Lead testing:  Copper and lead testing from 5 homes is under way. There were mistakes made in collecting  past years samples. These errors are being corrected with this years samples. Testing is from the same 5 homes every 3 years. We have 3 homes in Heatherwood and 2 homes in Fox hill. Samples of water should be completed by mid  September 2016.

Next Board meeting:
Date:  (Tue)  October 11, 2016 (Annual Meeting)   Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location:   Sunnyslope Water District at 3570 Airline Highway
Meeting Adjourned at  9:30  p.m.
    Respectfully submitted,  
Bill Biermann,  Vice President, BRMWC

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