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Update 2: Water Tank

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Update 2: Water Tank
Monday  June 27th

Well #2 pump has been shut down to prepare for the installation of the temporary 10,000 holding tank in preparation for the refurbishment of the 125,000 gallon holding tank. No water will be pumped from the well #2 until the 125K tank has been drained.

Please use minimal water during the shutdown. You may experience lower water pressure as the tank empties. Water will only be coming from the holding tank. When the holding tank is near empty Well #2 will be turned back on to supply water for the next 8 weeks until the tank refurbishment is complete.

All further updates will be done through our website at brmwc.com. or contact Bill Biermann at bbiermann98@gmail.com

Thank you for your cooperation.
BRMWC Board of Directors
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