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Update 4: Water Tank

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Update #4 Water Tank        June 29, 2016

Shareholders have been asking what happened yesterday June 28, 2016 with the shut down of the Best Road water system.

I knew of all the activities to be performed by Dougherty Pump yesterday, but no where  in any  message with Dougherty were we aware that the water was to be shut down all day.  I found out around 10:30 am.  That the water system was to be shut down. That is why the emergency notices were hand delivered to each home owner.  When gates were closed notices were attached to the mail boxes or gate. Noel also posted the notice on the web site and I sent out an e-mail blasts to all e-mail addresses I have.

The  other problem occurred turning on the water to all homes. Water was turned back on around 4:30 pm. Noel and myself were called from owners in Foxhill around 5:30 asking about why the water was not on yet. Dougherty was called to return any fix any problem. It was determined there was an air pocket in the pipes. Dougherty started to bleed the air from the system through the fire hydrants. Once the air was cleared water pressure could start to rebuild. By late evening all homes were back on line except at 928 Foxhill. 928 finally started receiving  water around 11 pm. We are still working with them.

Proper notice would have been in place if we knew the whole water system was going to be shut down.  Something like this has not have happened in the 18 years I have lived here. All the activities were lined up against the water system. (my  opinion).

During the remainder of our water tank operation it is imperative that we limit our water use to minimal levels.

I hope this answers all concerns. Sorry for the distribution in your service.

Bill Biermann

Best Road Mutual Water Co.
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