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Update 6: Water Tank

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July 31, 2016
Update on the 125,000 gal Water Holding Tank

Work continues on refurbishing the 125,000 gal water holding tank. The tank interior is approx. 75% complete. Two Thirds of the interior wall and roof has been sand blasted and sealed.  Handholes have been cut in the roof and cover plates are installed and sealed. These handholes are for a cathodic protection system to be installed at a later date.  Installed is a new Water Float  system. The old system was broke. The float did not exist, the cable had rusted and broke, and the external target broke. The broken float system was also noted by the County during the semi-annual inspection of our system.
Items that remain are:  Finish interior and let cure 1 week, disinfect interior and clean. Wash and sand blast rust area’s and then paint exterior.
Everything is on schedule.  

Thank you for your cooperation.
BRMWC Board of Directors
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