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Update 8: Water Tank

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August 26, 2016
Information on the 125,000 gal Water Holding Tank & Well #1

Update on Holding Tank
On Monday, Aug. 22nd, the 125,000 gal. holding tank has been completely refurbished. Our water operator will start next week slowly filling the holding tank. The water must then be tested before the tank can be put back on line. If the water samples come back with readings not meeting state standards then the tank must be drained and we start over. Hopefully the first test will be good. The filling process and cross over, from the small tank to the large tank, will not have any impact to the homeowners.

Update on Well #1
Well #1 was all put back together on Wed, Aug 24th. The pump has been running for 2 days. Water samples have been taken and sent out for testing. Results will be back in 10 – 15 days. Well #1 will then be put on line as the prime well and Well #2 pumping will be reduced.

Keep checking the web site: brmwc.com for updates.
Thank you for your cooperation.
BRMWC Board of Directors
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